October 9, 2011

firesteel – my way! (25th vid contest winner!)

i spent another weekend indoors (because of a lower back problem), so i find the time to finally close the 25th vid contest.

if you don’t remember what was the contest about, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRo6jkYKF_k

the mysterious prize J is a firesteel that i made from springsteel.

i like to light my fires with the firesteel (the old-style “real” one, not the ferrocerium rod) and i think this is a really good method for the outdoorsman. that is why i made one to meet my requirements: it throws good sparks, it’s lightweight, small, comfortable to hold and use. also, it can be used as a scraper too (to throw sparks from a ferrocerium rod or to scrap a piece of fatwood). i put my logo (which is ursa minor) on it, polaris being represented by the lanyard hole. the indentations are improving the grip, so the fingers will not slip when you strike the firesteel. you can see it here:

so, who is the winner? 198 youtubers sent me the right answer (frog eggs), but the lucky one is… “maveraver” – congratulations, my friend!

as for the other 197 – thank you for participating, and i wish you all good luck for the next contest J.

also, i'd like to thank to all my friends and subscribers for their support – since i posted the contest vid, the number of upload views almost doubled! thank you all!


  1. frumos 'utilajul'. foarte frumos lucrat. cred ar trebui sa faci mai multe si sa dai cu ele pe forum :)
    btw congrats to the winner!

  2. @cif: multumesc! desi urmaresc forumul in continuare, nu mai postez nimic acolo... dar oricine-i liber sa-mi scrie, daca-i interesat! :D

  3. Steel arrived safe and sound today, ive already had a play with it and it strikes sparks incredibly well, having spoken to Mario, i am going to pass the steel to a young man that did particulary well on a course i recently ran and whom i know will treasure the steel.

    Thanks Mario, you're a star.

    ps, i added short write up on my blog www.kepisbushcraft.blogspot.com

  4. @kepis: thank you for the very good review on your blog - it's better than my own! :)

  5. Hello, what an incredible fire steel you made. I also like your handmade knives particularly the one with the black handle and white/yellow on each side. I am a female bush crafter from Holland and I wonder if it is possible to buy the fire steel and the knife?

    If you do sell them I would like to order 2 fire steels. And I love the knife.

    Greetings from Sigrid

    1. @sigrid de vos: thank you! i sent you an e-mail.


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