June 18, 2011

a night outdoors: at 4 C under the tarp

it was cold. i was ill. it was beautiful!

that seems crazy... what can possess a person who is fighting a bad case of flu to spend the night outdoors, at just above freezing temperature, sheltered only by a tarp and a wool blanket?!?

well... it's a matter of perspective. we lost our link to nature. we are no longer able to live outside our artificial environment. we are seriously threatened by cold, heat, wind, rain, sun, wildlife... but some of us still crave for that natural kind of life. some of us still feel the call of the wilderness. some of us still get pleasure from being outdoors.

for me, a night like this is a way to enjoy the sheer beauty of nature. it is a way to find my peace. it is a way to get rid of all the stress that is generated by our modern way of living. it is both a pleasure and a necessity.

so, going out in that conditions is not crazy... going out without knowing what you are doing is! for instance, a very common misbelief is that you can freeze in your sleep... no, you can't! that's because you will wake up when you get cold, no matter how tired you are (exactly the same way that you get up at home if you need one more blanket). but (and that is really important), once you are up from being cold, do not go back to sleep until you are warm again! if you do so, this will have serious consequences, including the possibility to die (if it's cold enough). so, get up, walk around the camp, take a leak (that is to elliminate a stress hormone that is generated when exposed to cold), put more wood on your fire, drink/eat something hot, do some pushups (carefull there, you don't want to sweat), do whatever you can to feel warm and confortable again, than go back to sleep - you will wake up if you get cold again.

i posted a vid on youtube that captures some of that night, including bird-songs, camp setup, my thoughts and so on... you can see it here:

if you want to simply enjoy the birds singing and the fire, you can do so by clicking the vid above, or (much better!) by going out yourself.


  1. Beautiful thoughts and advices. We're in deep need to remind our old calling for a healthy cooperation with the environement. We need to re-learn "the language" of nature, her healing herbs, her music and sounds; to be pleased with her amazing gifts of wiews and colours; to develope good care for wildlife and preservation of woods, waters, grass, mountains...
    Thank you for sharing your treasures. Keep posting.

  2. @shinobi: thank you for the beautiful comment, my friend :)

  3. Felicitari pentru blog. Sunt sigur ca va fi o sursa de informatii utile pentru toti iubitorii de natura ... si nu numai :-)

  4. @toctomerius: multumesc mult pentru incredere!

  5. ma bucur sa vad ca din ce in ce mai multi oameni apreciaza natura cu adevarat

  6. @bogdan: da, imi creste inima sa vad ca nu-s singur! :)


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